Variety Tent #7 Membership

Variety Tent #7 Membership

About This Campaign

Variety depends on its membership to assist with fundraising, volunteer for events and other activities, bring new ideas to the organization, and provide essential guidance, including electing and serving on our Board of Directors.

We offer two membership tiers: Variety Club Basic Membership and Variety Club Full Membership.

Basic Membership comes with a membership card good for discounts at select Variety events and banquet hall rental, as well as exclusive member communications.

Full Membership includes the same perks as Basic, but also provides the opportunity to vote and serve on the Board of Directors.

For those who are interested in a deeper commitment to the children of Western New York, this is an excellent opportunity to participate in a cause that is dear to your heart. We have a number of committees and volunteer opportunities for those looking to provide leadership, build skills, have fun, and be part of a community.

Give us a call at our office (716) 854-7577 or send an email to for more information.
Variety the Children´s Charity of Buffalo and Western New York

Campaign to Support Variety the Children´s Charity of Buffalo and Western New York

Variety - the Children's Charity of Buffalo and Western New York supports children in our region who are facing illness, disability, or disadvantage with a range of programs from life-saving medical interventions to enrichment programs in sports and the arts. Our flagship event is our annual Variety Kids Telethon, one of the nation's longest-running, locally-produced telethons. Funds from the Telethon go to the Variety Tent #7 Robert Warner Rehabilitation Center and the Oishei Children's Hospital, as well as over a dozen local children's organizations in Western New York every year.

Our mission is to transform, uplift and enrich the lives of children facing illness, disability or disadvantage in Western New York.
Our vision is to be the most trusted and effective children's charity in Western New York. 
Our promise is to be a faithful steward of public funds and a compassionate advocate for the most vulnerable children in our region.